June 2018

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How MAD is our Talent Hunt Nuit Bleue ?

Ca y est, vous l’attendiez avec impatience: les inscriptions pour notre nouvelle Talent Hunt Nuit Bleue sont ouvertes sur http://talenthunt.howmadareyou.com !

Notre but ? Découvrir les nouvelles pépites et les accompagner dans leur évolution en tant qu’artistes.

Faites partie de l’expérience inédite Nuit Bleue :
Pour la rentrée, nous créons un événement inédit, Nuit Bleue, dans le cadre de la Nuit Blanche le 06 octobre prochain à Paris. Feras-tu partie de cette expérience inédite d’exposition artistique MAD ?

Exposez avec nos artistes à la Nuit Bleue de MAD le Samedi 06 octobre 2018 :
Nos MAD Sessions sont nos événements physiques où notre communauté de MADers rencontre nos artistes MAD. C’est une opportunité de faire émerger nos jeunes talents MAD.
Que tu sois photographe, peintre, réalisateur, illustrateur, sculpteur, designer d’objets, architecte ou décorateur, nous t’attendons, toi le prochain talent complètement MAD!

How MAD are you ?
Exprime ta créativité. MAD est le lieu de créations hybrides. A toi de définir et nous dire à quel point tu es MAD ! Il n’y a pas de lignes directrices, ni de choses à faire ou éviter.
Notre seul impératif : Le BLEU !

Le processus de participation est très simple:
1- Inscris toi: Tu as plus de 18 ans, tu peux t’inscrire avant le 10 septembre sur http://talenthunt.howmadareyou.com et même faire passer le mot à tes amis.
2- Expose : Si tu es sélectionné(e) parmi les 3 finalistes, tu seras exposé(e) durant la Nuit Bleue le Samedi 06 octobre 2018 à Paris, en présence de nos partenaires, médias, communauté ainsi qu’un jury d’experts et de célébrités MAD.
3- Gagne : notre jury sélectionnera le(a) gagnant(e) du prix de 1500€.

Il ne te reste plus qu’à envoyer ta candidature !

On espère vous voir nombreux, futurs MADers.
La team MAD

In a MAD mood for The Beirut Design Week

Beirut, the design capital of the Middle East welcomes for the seventh consecutive edition the Beirut Design Week.
Initiated in 2012, it’s the largest and most influential design festival of the Middle East and North Africa.
Taking place in various parts of the capital, it attracts over 25 000 visitors each year and make Beirut glow of an inspirational light revolving around design, architecture, technologies and art, because yes, design is an art.

This week, you will see Beirut under a somewhat science-fictional spectrum.
Despite a political instability, the city decides to exhibit the most innovative and creative design in order to show a different image of the region: a place of economic growth, creativity, entrepreneurship, international interaction, collaboration and innovation.

In addition to designers, the Beirut Design Week also welcomes writers, activists, students, educators and many others.

This year the Beirut Design Week will operate under the theme: “Design and the City: _______”.

It will explore how architecture, design, fashion, documentaries and tech-industries can affect such fields as social change, environment, fair-use, city’s ecosystems, governance, the reconstruction of a conflicted area, the urban life, and the human behaviour in general.

Two of our MAD artists are participating to the Beirut Design Week: Minimalist and 1% Architecture.
Here’s where and when you will find them this week.

  • Minimalist: Roula will launch her new brand Minimalist with a new collection called “Soar” at Oddish Concept Store, Beirut Port District on Friday 29th.

  • 1% architecture: will have a open house in their workshop in Mar Mikhael from June 25 to 28 as well as a closing reception on June 28 starting 5PM. People are invited to visit the 1% showroom to check out the full collection, meet the team, chat and have a drink. They will also be displaying special items in collaboration with several artists and artisans.”

If you want to know more about our artists their projects and their art, check out the interviews of Minimalist and 1% architectures about their participation at the Beirut Design Week on our blog.

#WhatRUwaiting4? Beirut welcomes you this week to discover the best of designers. They’re eager to talk to you and show you their projects. Hop on the first plane, train, car that comes around and go to Beirut, you will definitely not be disappointed 🙂

MAD team

How MAD is 1% Architecture?

“1% is an architecture firm, named 1% as a glance to a culture of anti-conformism. The workshop aims to be different and off the mark from the remaining 99%.”

Why 1% Architecture?
“Why 1%? Because we refuse the culture of standardization, the relentless quest of the #instagrammable, in a digitized and impersonal world. Because we believe that each building, space, and object is unique. Because we value hand craftsmanship and seek to combine expert and artisanal competence, to design buildings, spaces, and objects with a purpose, a soul, and a strong identity. Because we believe this is the way forward to provide solutions for the architecture that will become tomorrow’s heritage.”

What is the spirit behind 1% Architecture?
“At 1% Architecture, we have a passion for detail and human-scale objects. After several years of designing homes and furniture for our clients, we have come to develop our own DNA. We decided to launch our own homegrown collection of multipurpose furniture. The idea was to create and produce design furniture, using only high quality raw materials, but keeping prices affordable.”

How will you participate to the Beirut Design Week?
“This year we are taking part in Beirut Design Week where we will be organizing an “open house” in our workshop in Mar Mikhael from June 25 to 28 as well as a closing reception on June 28 starting 5PM. People are invited to visit the 1% showroom to check out the full collection, meet the team, chat and have a drink. We will also be displaying special items in collaboration with several artists and artisans.”

How MAD is Minimalist?

During Beirut Design Week, Roula will launch her new brand Minimalist with a new collection called “Soar” at Oddish Concept Store: Beirut Port District on Friday 29th.

Who is Minimalist?

“Minimalist brings in an innovative jewelry designer brand that combines rough architectural contemporary flair with sensibility inspired from both nature and colorful cultures; it has a distinguished identified style that caters to a global market. Anyone can be Minimalist.

Who is behind the brand?

“I am an up-and-coming Lebanese contemporary jewelry designer. I started my brand a couple of years ago when I decided to leave the corporate world to embrace my true calling. I participated in local and international fairs trying to reach a larger market.
My underlying vision is to make jewelry, accessible to a large crowd of women, whilst preserving the heritage and empowering local craftsmen. At the crossroads of fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, my goal is to reach modern, elegant women while selling at highly competitive prices. For me, anyone can own a prestigious piece of jewellery.”

What’s the Story behind Minimalist?

“The interest the brand has arisen has given me the confidence to grow it internationally. but even with my years of experience and with the social media new impact, I realized that I need to change, to fit, to reach and connect. And came the idea of re-branding to “Minimalist”.

“Minimalist” is my new branding with a new flair: simple yet elegant; easier to wear; talks to everyone and can be purchased at very competitive prices.”

Why launching during Beirut Design Week?

“I wanted to pick the right moment to make a come-back and show the people the shifting between the brand Roula Dfouni to Minimalist. During Beirut Design Week, everyone is already into the art and design and they are interested in any related event. So, I considered that launching during this period is the best timing. I want to create a huge momentum around the event and the brand. The brand was away from the local market for a while and even before that, my target was focused on the international.

I will be introducing my new branding: Minimalist; my new collection | SOAR |; a new photoshoot”