How it works

You’re wondering what MAD is? It’s madly simple!

It’s a story of MADs and MADers

MADs are talents in music, arts or design. Special talents with international potential, selected by our collective of artists.

MADers are a lively and passionate community of people eager to discover, launch and meet with MAD talents.

So who are you?

MADs : do you have what it takes to become a MAD talent? Be MAD enough to tell us about your project. Here’s how MAD can help you become the next rising star.

MADers : do you want to join the MADers community to discover our MAD talents, help launch them through our campaigns, meet them at events and visit our store. Sign up here

Brands : what makes you looking so mad about our talents and their community? Find your next brand ambassador and influencer on MAD.

Talents, supporters, brands, how MAD are you?

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