Intro to sketching and Concept building

« Painting, Sketching and Drawing, Translating Fantasy to Reality »

Through this workshop we will talk about sketching and concept building.
First part will be an introduction on how we can nurture the ability for sketching through 5 steps of training.
Second part will be an explanation of what is concept building and how to come up with one, along with 9 habits that will help you level up your mind in that aspect.

Product details

The workshop will consist of 2 parts

First part:
- Purpose of sketching
- Difference between sketching and drawing
- Talking about sketching in more depth on a functional and physical level (establish an overall silhouette of the design – no need for perfect lines and circles – not afraid to make mistakes – brave – muscle work – leave your perfectionism aside)
- Exercises for sketching
- The wire (drawing up and down side ways lines over and over – contour drawing)
- 5 steps to practice sketching:
1. Doodling (improves your visual literacy and processing ideas) applicable in the workshop
2. Entopic graphomania (randomness that will take you few steps forward) applicable in the workshop
3. Non dominant hand applicable in the workshop
4. One day one theme
5. Word stack applicable in the workshop (by the end of the workshop)

Second part:
- Concept building design
- How to come up with great ideas
- 9 habits to come up with valuable ideas:
1. Consider what you consume
2. Regurgitate what you consume
3. Think micro
4. Capture ideas when they come
5. Speak your ideas
6. Ask more questions
7. Study opposite takes on the same idea
8. Focus on ideas that solve problems
9. Vary where and when you think

Duration: 2 hours
Date: Monday 15th April 2019
Location: Beirut Digital District, Lebanon

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