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Want to know more about our MAD gang? Today we focus on Rima Yacoub , our MAD COO !

Rima is a bubbly person who brings her positivity everywhere she goes, along with little snacks she happily shares with others.
She was born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, and was part of the Createmotions adventure with Lise where she brought her talents in Business & Marketing Strategy, CRM, People Management & Project Management.
Apart from her work here on, Rima has a fascination for music and wishes she had more time to play different instruments, but she does find time to play the guitar and composes her own music. She also likes to relax by doing some yoga or going outdoors, whether it be at the beach or on the mountains. As a gaming addict, she also keeps up with all the tech innovations.
Rima believes that: «If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs»

Have you heard about our MAD News?

This is where we tell you everything there is to know about MAD! You can find here news about our MAD artists, the industries and that’s also where we unveil all our exclusive content! Stay up to date and check it out now!

Tune up and gear up with Roadie Tuner!

With Roadie Tuner you can fine tune your guitar and other string instruments equipped with guitar machine heads (Electric, acoustic, classical, ukulele, banjo, steel guitar, 7 & 12-string guitars).

It is both quick and easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear.

Simply connect Roadie to the tuning peg, strum the string, and watch Roadie get it into perfect tuning in a few seconds!

Roadie Tuner is a product by Band Industries, get it now on our store!

How MAD is Band Industries?

Bassam Jalgha, co-founder of Band Industries tells us about the company, its first amazing product Roadie Tuner and their collaboration with MAD.

Band Industries, How MAD are you?

Check out Roadie Tuner on our store and stay tuned for upcoming new releases!

Music, Product Design & Innovation with Band Industries’ MAD creations!

Born out of a passion for music and technology, Band Industries is a music technology startup building the next generation musicians’ toolkit.

Roadie Tuner — the company’s first product which ships worldwide — is an automatic guitar tuner that is both quick and easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear. Roadie won TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 Audience Choice Award in New York, first prize at the Stars of Science reality TV show and has been featured on hundreds of media outlets online and in print including The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, BBC, Engadget, Techcrunch, and others.

Band Industries is currently developing new technological solutions that will enrich the lives of musicians, getting everyday closer to perfecting its product offerings and roadmap.

Check out Band Industries’ MAD story and grab your Roadie Tuner available now on our store!

Get in style with Boshies’ product line !

 This winter, get in style with Boshies’ product line !

While it is brrr cold outside, get comfy and warm with the Beanie knit cap and the wool scarf !

Find them and grab them on our MAD store 🙂

Boshies, How MAD are you?

Elias El Haddad, Founder and Designer tells us about himself and Boshies, his collaboration with MAD and his upcoming Projects.

Boshies, How MAD are you?

Check out the Boshie hat and other amazing Boshies creations on the MAD Store !

Truly MAD Fashion Design with Boshies!

In spring 2016, Boshies launched its first product: the Boshie hat, which name derives from the word “tarbooshi” meaning “my tarboosh” in arabic.

The Boshie is a fashion accessory aiming at reviving the identity of the traditional tarboosh (fez in English), through a new cut, 60 years after its extinction from the Oriental world.

Since the XIXth century, most traditional hats evolved into modern designs, like the Top hat into the Bowler hat, the Newsboy hat into the baseball Cap, the Borsalino into the Fedora hat etc… It’s time for the Tarboosh to have its own makeover!

Modern and contemporary, the hat’s new shape is trendy, casual and “unisex” – whereas previously, only worn by men.

The Boshie’s distinctive element consists of two stripes, one on each side of the crown, bringing back the spirit of the swinging tassel.

Check out Boshies’ MAD story and creations !