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Moulla showreel 2016

Have you seen Moulla’s showreel for 2016? Let’s just say it’s quite magical! Moulla gives us a good insight on what he’s been up to in 2016, and for sure it has been a busy year for him! We’re very excited to see what he has in store for us in 2017, so stay tuned for more!

A MADgical moment with Moulla !

Moulla is our new MAD talent and he’s got some magical tricks up his sleeve ! He’s been interested in magic since he was 7, and has been actively working on his tricks and shows ever since.

But Moulla was also interested by new and innovative technologies and so he studied engineering, always with magic in mind. Along the way, he met Gamgie, and together they created Augmented Magic. Since then, they’ve been coming up with innovative illusions by integrating new technologies in their shows.

As you might’ve seen at our MAD Session in Paris, Moulla is no ordinary magician. Young, funny and bold, Moulla is looking at the future with an open mind, always trying to challenge the limits of magic.

Check out Moulla’s MAD story and take part of our magical adventure with him!

Fresh and new Missy Elliott video I’m Better !

We’re starting the week with the totally MAD come back of the queen of hip hop Missy Elliott and her video I’m Better !
Missy Elliot has been absent of the musical scene for quite some time now, but if this music video is any indicator, she might be back for good and she definitely has a lot to say!

Have you heard about our MAD News?

This is where we tell you everything there is to know about MAD! You can find here news about our MAD artists, the industries and that’s also where we unveil all our exclusive content! Stay up to date and check it out now!

MAD by Boo.

Remember our crazy artist Boo? Well he made an illustration just for us! What do you think, MADly talented right?

Stay tuned, because there’s a lot more to come with Boo, after all “It ain’t funny until the protagonist dies”…

Boo, How MAD are you?

Bernard Hage, the man behind Boo tells us about himself, his collaboration with MAD and his upcoming projects.

Boo, How MAD are you?

Stay tuned as we reveal more info on his project: In The Dead Of Night – Illustrated book of bedtime stories for growns ups !

A book of poems, illustrations and a music soundtrack, with an aim to reflect modern society and redefine fairytales through a dark sense of humor.

Totally out of this world MAD Art with Boo!

Boo. is a Beirut based illustrator, writer and musician meddling with surrealism and dark humor.

He began an early career in the advertising industry as an art director at Impact BBDO, then moved to Leo Burnett.

Summing up the courage to pursue his artistic passions, Boo put the advertising world on the backdrop but not entirely, as it inspired his first exhibition ‘Undressed – Society’s reflection in its brands’, a successful collaboration between different artists that got him one step closer to founding Wormhole Collective, towards the end of 2015.

Check out Boo’s MAD story and stay tuned as we’ll be revealing more info very soon on his project: In The Dead Of Night – an illustrated book of  bedtime stories for growns ups!