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Spotlight on our MAD man, Bruno !

Today we focus on Bruno Waitzmann, our MAD man!! Bruno, our MAD CDO, is a serial entrepreneur and TV producer. When he’s not testing real estate properties in France on BFM in his TV show, Bruno is always thinking of the next development milestone of MAD. He’s a party person and a serial jocker. From his earlier years of DJing, Mister B still mixes on his free time.

MAD dans Les Echos !

Lise Yacoub dans une tribune pour Les Echos: “Le système actuel – très formaté – ne laisse aucune place pour les artistes hybrides proposant des projets multiculturels. Or ces artistes ne sont pas nécessairement excentriques, ils ont simplement des projets originaux. Comme ils ne savent pas vraiment par quel biais se faire connaître, ils se retrouvent alors sur le web. Seulement, le web est infini et ils se retrouvent alors perdus dans la masse, ne pouvant qu’espérer que quelqu’un les découvre par hasard. Les plateformes collaboratives : un renouveau ?”

MAD Session Paris 17 janvier 2017 en images!!

Notre lancement à Paris a eu lieu le 17 Janvier 2017 à Paris Pionnières.

Cette MAD session spéciale a permis de présenter nos 4 talents parisiens MAD : Moulla, MPSA, Manuela Morgaine et Antonio Manzone.

Ils ont dévoilé en avant-première leurs créations et projets et ont l’opportunité de rencontrer notre écosystème de partenaires, medias et influencers au cours d’une soirée divertissante, pleine de rencontres passionnantes et totalement MAD!

Our amazing CPO, Pascale Monsef !

Today we’re putting the spotlight on Pascale!
She’s our amazing CPO, and the one behind all the cool designs of MAD! Pascale also worked a lot in the humanitarian field. Thanks to her background in arts and her specialization in Communication and Branding, she bridges the gap between art and managerial departments, just like MAD does!
As everyone in the MAD Gang, she likes food, and especially French fries.
Pascale has also many MAD interests, from astrophysics and nuclear physics, to anime and video games. She even studied Japanese! And she’s very fond of Totoro (some say she looks like a susuwatari!). And above all, it’s really important for Pascale to live in a city where she can see the sea, which is why she is currently living and working in Beyrouth !

Save the date ! MAD Talent Hunt

Because we love you, our MADers, so much, we’ve designed MAD Talent Hunt, a competition tailored for you, emerging talents.

Whether you’re an artist or an underground diamond in the rough, it’s MADly simple, all you have to do is get ready to apply starting February 28th!
So Save the Date ! 🙂

Yours MADly, the MAD Gang

Want to know more about our MAD gang? Today we focus on Rima Yacoub , our MAD COO !

Rima is a bubbly person who brings her positivity everywhere she goes, along with little snacks she happily shares with others.
She was born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, and was part of the Createmotions adventure with Lise where she brought her talents in Business & Marketing Strategy, CRM, People Management & Project Management.
Apart from her work here on, Rima has a fascination for music and wishes she had more time to play different instruments, but she does find time to play the guitar and composes her own music. She also likes to relax by doing some yoga or going outdoors, whether it be at the beach or on the mountains. As a gaming addict, she also keeps up with all the tech innovations.
Rima believes that: «If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs»

Moulla showreel 2016

Have you seen Moulla’s showreel for 2016? Let’s just say it’s quite magical! Moulla gives us a good insight on what he’s been up to in 2016, and for sure it has been a busy year for him! We’re very excited to see what he has in store for us in 2017, so stay tuned for more!

A MADgical moment with Moulla !

Moulla is our new MAD talent and he’s got some magical tricks up his sleeve ! He’s been interested in magic since he was 7, and has been actively working on his tricks and shows ever since.

But Moulla was also interested by new and innovative technologies and so he studied engineering, always with magic in mind. Along the way, he met Gamgie, and together they created Augmented Magic. Since then, they’ve been coming up with innovative illusions by integrating new technologies in their shows.

As you might’ve seen at our MAD Session in Paris, Moulla is no ordinary magician. Young, funny and bold, Moulla is looking at the future with an open mind, always trying to challenge the limits of magic.

Check out Moulla’s MAD story and take part of our magical adventure with him!

Fresh and new Missy Elliott video I’m Better !

We’re starting the week with the totally MAD come back of the queen of hip hop Missy Elliott and her video I’m Better !
Missy Elliot has been absent of the musical scene for quite some time now, but if this music video is any indicator, she might be back for good and she definitely has a lot to say!