« Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music »

My MAD Story

Architecture Student at ALBA
Production Manager at NRJ Radio
DJ / Music Producer
Self-proclaimed greatest taco maker of all time.

I don't have much time. If you are reading this it might be too late for me but you could still save yourselves and your families.
I come from a future where everything you believe to be beautiful about the world has been destroyed by forces darker than what you could have ever imagined. You must listen to me. Find the man who goes by Monokultur and buy his music. I repeat. Find Monokultur and buy his music. This is the only way to prevent EDM from becoming the totalitarian state it was designed to be. They're putting microchips in the Native American headdresses to track and control you. The most important thing is to - oh God they're here. I have to go. Pray for me.

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Le silence n’existe pas. Dans cet atelier, nous allons enregistrer des sons pr

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