Manuela Morgaine

« Whoever conceals his MADman dies voiceless »

My MAD Story

Of Egyptian and Mediterranean descent, Manuela Morgaine, lives and works in Paris.
Performer, director, filmmaker and writer, she is president of Envers Compagnie, a company devoted to the production of interdisciplinary works since 1991.

Manuela Morgaine has received the Prix de Rome for scenography in 1994. She is a Villa Médicis Hors les Murs Laureate ( 2004).
She has released Lightning, a 3 hours 50 minutes feature, currently on tour in major international festivals, and distributed by Shellac.
In 2016, she produced Another world - those who come by sea- a 33 minutes video, and is working on ORAKL - a door that talks to you - an interactive ice installation, currently under production.
And several performances in France and abroad. Recently at the picasso museum.

My Projects

ORAKL, the interactive Ice speaking door

An Ice speaking door of 8 meters is facing you.
It holds the key to your enigmas, melts in water and words.

ORAKL is a spokesperson and answers to your questions.
Inspiration time: from sunset to sunrise.

My Creations


First Part BAAL - Autumn, 80’ - Chemistry / Alchemy Autumn follows a lightning hunte

$ 30

Out of the blue

I discovered 14 years ago, the existence of a New World invented by some artists as a spac

$ 13.21

If a swallow doesn't make spring, which swallow?

Image: Manuela Morgaine Editing: Pauline Lormant Sound composition: Philippe Langlois M

$ 13.21

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