Lydie Hacquet

« Photographer of the instant and uncongruous little things of live »

My MAD Story

Advertiser for big brands like Morgan, France Telecom,
Clan Campell, Malakoff Médéric ..., I practice amateur photography since always. My travels and my job allowed me to refine my eye and work with the greatest:
Miguel Sandinha,
Terry Richardson, Nick and Chloe ...
Since my first Kodac Instamatic, I perfected myself with my favorite Canon and then with the gift of my Leica, the act of photographiing
comes back to the fore and I dare to show my work.

I define myself as coming from Paris, Austin, Texas and Normandy, 1/3 of Gemini, 1/3 of mermaid, 1/3 of unicorn, but especially mom of an artist!
I believe in life, love, friendship, elves, fairies and trolls.
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A comme Amour

Alors que dehors, l’orage commence à gronder, une dernière apparition du soleil c

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