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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Enzo had always chosen music to be part of his life. With the support of his parents, he started his musical journey playing the violin and entering a music school. After 5 years playing the instrument, he went on to take drums lessons under the tutelage of Mr. Walid Tawil. His passion for singing didn’t turn up until the age of 13 when he was singing for his friends at a summer camp. He then went on to sing at his dad’s sports pub on Karaoke nights and joined some charity projects. In 2011, he joined The Coolcumbers , a Lebanese Alt Rock band, and ended up performing on the Local scene’s most important scenes like “Forum de Beyrouth” and Beirut Waterfront”. Together they released their first album entitled ‘Time and Youth’ in December 2013.
With the success of the band, Enzo decided to pursue his solo career first promoting himself on local TV stations like Future TV, MTV Lebanon and LBC, then by joining the singers and musicians in the “Heartbeat, La Chaine De L’espoir” foundation helping children with heart diseases. He also started playing gigs around town in different small venues and appeared as a guest on MTV’s “Hek Menghanni” and “Men El Ekhir”.
After graduating from he Grand Lycée-Franco Libanais de Beyrouth, Enzo decided to continue his education in Montreal, Canada, where he completed a Major in Music with a Specialization in Jazz Studies. Studying alongside renowned performers such as Jeri Brown and Madeleine Thériault, he dabbled in the realm of Gospel, Soul, Jazz, RnB, Hip Hop and continues to explore genres and exploit the local scene. in 2016, he received the “Jeri Brown A- Cappella Vocal Scholarship” as well as being the runner-up for the “Trevor Payne Scholarship for Black Music”. Enzo continues to pursue his career, with different projects and new adventures to come.

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