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MAD-Music,Arts, Design- the next generation of talent hunters and producers, is the marketplace to discover, launch and meet talented musicians, artists and designers.
We provide a collaborative digital & physical experience between our talents and they're target audience, and we allow our talents to live from their passion!
Our creative ecosystem also builds collaborations between artists, and between artists and brands.
Whether you're an emerging talent or a rising star, you will be recognized for your talent by crowd funding and selling your creations, through the MAD marketplace.

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MAD Session Paris Juin

La MAD Session est l'occasion de rencontrer des artistes hors du commun et l'opportunité de faire émerger de nouveaux talents MAD hybrides sur une scène ouverte. Les bénéfices de cette campagne MAD Session seront intégralement réinvestis dans la promotion des projets de nos artistes MAD.

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